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AR/VR Gesture Control software for any RGB camera and device.

Hand Control Interaction

With our technology, the built-in RGB standard camera in any smartphone, VR and AR glasses enables manufacturers to bring a cost effective, natural and flexible hands-motion and gesture control and interaction, without the use of additional hardware such as external 3D or stereo camera.


Superb Reality integrates machine learning, low and high-level computer vision algorithms, AI, imaging optics, light field, and 3D into existing and future AR and VR devices. Our technology helps jump-start patent-pending solutions, and we are committed to further design and development of new and exciting solutions for our partners.

Our products

Superb Controller Middleware and SDK

Superb AR SDK

Landmark Step by Step Navigator

Our Team

The team behind the company has an established track record in providing gesture-control solutions to millions of devices and to top consumer electronics OEMs. We are a group of passionate co-founders, advisory board, deep learning, and computer vision engineers with a successful background in AR, Computer Vision, Gesture Control, Entrepreneurship, and technology licensing to world leaders. We're privately funded and located in Tel Aviv.

About us

Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality (AR, MR, VR) devices will revolutionize our daily lives and our work environment. Smartphones, Head Mounted Devices (HMD), and Smart Glasses miss a natural, robust, yet cost-effective way to control and interact with the content on these devices.

Our vision is to empower the use of and interaction with AR, MR, and VR content with a seamless and natural experience by allowing people to use only their hands to control the virtual content before their eyes.

We provide advanced and innovative computer vision software solutions for gesture control that use the camera on any device, whether it is RGB, stereo, or depth camera.

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