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Our Technology: PreCognit AI

Superb Reality integrates machine learning, low and high-level computer vision algorithms, AI, imaging optics, light field, and 3D into existing and new IoT Applications. Our multi patented technology helps jump-start smart home, security, retail and industrial IoT solutions, enabling our customers to launch new applications in a fraction the cost and AI training time required by other technologies.


Training and Object Detection Platform

No Touch Panel Operation

ProductsPreCognit AI Training and Detection Platform

On-the-spot few photos object Training and detection Platform

Machine learning platform that creates object detection solutions from a few photos utilizing simple standard cameras. Unlike other ML platforms that require thousands or tens of thousands photos, our platform can detect with high accuracy any kind of object. training new objects requires orders of magnitude less training data as well as low footprint and can be operated by non-technical staff.

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PreCognit AI No Touch Panel Operation

For public safety and health, such as elevator & ATM panels.

This patented Edge AI and Gesture control technology enables frictionless and no touch operation of any public panel such as elevators & ATMs - on top of existing button based panels or new buttons and touch screen panels.

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The team of Superb Reality has an extensive track record in inventing and deploying in the market computer vision and AI solutions which have been adopted to date on tens of millions of devices of to top consumer electronics OEMs, seminconductors and service providers.

We are an accomplished group of passionate serial entrepreneurs, industry veterans, machine learning and computer vision experts.

About us

Internet of Things (IoT) is a large and fast growing market, yet highly fragmented and use-case specific. Our vision is to empower frictionless consumer interfaces with most any device or applicance in our world. Whether in retail, consumer products, home automation, security & safety, factory production lines, drones or other Industrial IoT applications - we aim to provide our customers with seamless and extremely cost and time-to-market effective Edge AI technology which can enable consumers better and more natural experiences.


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